Current Session Info

Bouna Time Academy Multiple-Session Packages Winter 2018-19

TRAINING-ONLY Winter 2018-19 session, players born 2000-2006

TRAINING-ONLY Winter 2018-19 session, players born 2007-2011

Talent Development Program Winter 2018-19 - Neri Amaducci

Tiny Tigers Program - Winter 2018-19

U5-7 (born 2012-13) Development Academy Winter 2018-19


Travel Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Premier Elite Teams 2000-04

Travel Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Premier Elite Teams 2005-07

Travel Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Premier Teams

Travel Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Premier Elite Teams 2011-08

WYSL Travel Fall 2018 Spring 2019

1000 - College Tracking

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Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:


For assistance with Training-Only Players,

For assistance with Neri Amaducci's MSC Talent Development Program,

For assistance with Tiny Tigers Program,

For assistance with Development Academy,

For assistance with GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL CLINICS,

For assistance with Travel - Premier,

For assistance with WYSL TRAVEL,

For assistance with College Tracking,

For more information, visit the Manhattan Soccer Club website at



Travel Teams for Fall 2018/Spring 2019

For more info on travel team programs click here


Registration Instructions:

For registration questions, please contact:  Paul Nicholas at

For payment plan questions, please contact: Rich Corvino at

For bus service questions, please contact Eddie Sutton at

Please print the steps below before starting the registration process. 

How to Register Online and Payment Instructions: 

  1. Go to
  2. There are instructions on that page. Please read them carefully.
  3. When ready, click on “click here to login and register” at top of the page.
  4. If you do not have a family account, create an account.
  5. If you have an existing family account, please use that account.  Additional players and adults can be added to the family account. 
  6. The next page describes the terms of registration with MSC. Check the box at the top of the page to agree. You must also agree to the safety guidelines for MSC. The link is below. 

    MSC safety guidelines.pdf

  7. Please fill out the registration form carefully. Please continue to the very end of the process. If you do not receive a receipt, you have probably not completed all the steps to register.
  8. All new players must upload a head photo. Only .jpg, .png or .gif formats may be used. PDFs will not work.
  9. All players must scan a copy of their proof of age (birth certificate or passport), a headshot, an executed US Club medical release form, and an executed MSC medical release form and upload them to their SIP account. The two medical release forms can be printed directly from your SIP account.
  10. We offer a two-option payment system to pay your team dues.  The system will give you the option to pay the entire annual non-refundable fee at registration, which will be the lower fee.  If you require a two-payment option, then the fee will be $200 higher. When you register, we will require roughly two-thirds of your annual team fee paid when you register with the balance due on October 15.  AS A MATTER OF CLUB POLICY, ALL FEES COLLECTED BY MANHATTAN SOCCER CLUB ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.   PLEASE BE SURE TO READ THE CLUB RULES GOVERNING REFUNDS AND CREDITS HERE - REFUND and CREDIT POLICY.  If you register for a travel team, you are committing to participate for the remainder of the soccer year, which ends for most teams at the end of the following June.  If you join a travel team after September 23, there will be prorated fee reductions for missing portions of the soccer year.  Families who need to set up extended payment plans for their fees should contact Rich Corvino at Payment plans will require a minimum of a $500 payment at registration and will require monthly payments in subsequent months until the balance is paid in full.  NO PAYMENT PLAN MONTHLY PAYMENTS WILL EXTEND BEYOND JANUARY 15, 2019. Also, all families permitted to pay their dues on a payment plan MUST agree to auto-charging their credit card accounts each month.
  11. A link to the financial aid application information in both English and Spanish is at the end of these registration instructions.
  12. The $500 registration fee is required of all families, including those who will be receiving financial aid.  For those families who are not receiving financial aid, the $500 registration fee is included in the team fee, so no extra payment will be required. Those players who are currently enrolled in a public assistance program such as SNAP will have the $500 fee credited in advance (if we already have your documents) or reimbursed later when we receive your documents. 


Manhattan Soccer Club Financial Aid Procedures - 2018/2019 Year:

Individuals will apply directly to the Club for financial aid. A third-party financial needs assessment organization, TADS, will make the initial evaluation of family need based upon uniform information that every applicant will be asked to provide on a confidential basis. This evaluation will be reviewed, and modified if necessary, by the Club’s Financial Aid Committee. TADS will charge each family applying for assistance a fee of $39 .  For those players receiving public assistance, upon our receiving proof of such assistance, Manhattan Soccer Club will waive the requirement to officially apply for financial aid through the TADS system.

The financial aid application is by invitation only. Please confirm with an MSC Administrator before you apply for aid.

Use this link to access instructions for applying for financial aid: